What type of porn do residents of Washington, D.C., watch

Statistical data along with technological advancements, help play a key role in determining many things. One of them is how and what kind of pornography people are watching these days. Adult websites collect user data and create yearly reports. On these reports, a plethora of valuable information can be obtained. This kind of information was something almost unheard of a decade ago. For one, most folks back then kept their porn viewing preferences to themselves or secret. Secondly, there was no real way to gather all of this information; at least not like today. Lastly, pornography viewing was something that individuals did using different methods.

Fast forward to where we are today and all of that has changed. Companies such as Facebook and Google have made user data collection a very profitable business. User statistics are tools used to advertise to everyone and even alter what they watch, buy and how they think. Taking a cue from these data collecting giants, websites began doing the same. That includes top porn sites such as XVideos, Pornhub and XHamster. Their detailed reports are able to tell what categories in porn are viewed the most. These stats also reveal what gender is watching which kind of porn and searches they perform. Coincidentally, what type of adult content each particular state in the USA is watching.

The state capitol of Washington, DC and it’s porn viewing habits are on this report. According to the data, residents of Washington, DC, enjoy looking at lesbian porno more than any other. That’s not really surprising since the lesbian category was number one in the USA as whole. In addition, it is also among the most popular porn search in the entire world. Still, if one were to look at the entire map of the United States or global maps in general, interesting facts emerge. Unlike the state capitol, west coast states enjoy a totally different kind of porno.

California, Oregon, Nevada and Arizona for instance, all watched hentai and cartoon porn more than any other. This is very interesting since there is so much free porn on the web to choose from. At the same time, both of those genres are in the top ten porn searches anyway so it is not that surprising. Throughout the entire US map, there are a few states which stand apart from others. In part is because their residents watched a completely type of different porn than most others. Wyoming for example, was the only state where ‘furry’ was the number one most watched genre. Colorado residents also bucked the norm by making ‘POV’ their primary porn category. The people who live in Washington, DC, also seemed to take pleasure in the MILF, hentai, step mom, step sister and teen pornographic genres.

Irrespective of which kind of porn residents of DC watch, there are many things to take away from this info. As a whole, it helps show how far society has come when it comes to the way it treats pornography viewing. It appears people are no longer hiding or able to hide as much when it comes to the particular kind of smut they watch. While folks can still view porn anonymously on the web, it doesn’t mean their viewing preferences are not being recorded. Nonetheless, in the age when everyone shares their info on social media voluntarily, people seem to no longer care. Even when it comes to their preference in pornography.