Best Restaurants In Washington D.C. To Check Out On Your Visit

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Washington may have that air of history and politics but it can also be about gastronomic treats. Don’t let the “politics as usual” fool you. Even politicians have to eat and when they do, they do it well.

Check out the best restaurants in Washington DC to check out on your visit:

  • Himitsu. This adventurous spot in Petworth is a direct reflection of the passions shared by co-owners Kevin Tien and Carlie Steiner. From the carefully selected wines — sip everything from luscious rosés to wonderfully nutty sherries — to complex dishes that brilliantly bridge the gap between ingredients (think: raw tuna ignited by orange-chili oil), and sometimes entire cultures (Southern-style fried chicken is transported around the globe by fermented chili paste, sesame seeds, and creamy kewpie mayo), it’s easy to grasp why this restaurant is packed nearly every night.
  • Bad Saint. Perhaps the most representative restaurant of the growing Filipino food trend in D.C. over the past couple of years, Bad Saint has been drawing lines down the street since opening in late 2015. It’s a tiny restaurant, but an ambitious one. Expect even longer waits now that the place has been atop a few national “best of” lists.
  • All Purpose Pizzeria. Chef Mike Friedman’s self-styled pizza place is on everyone’s lips. Crowds continue to pour into the Shaw-based restaurant to indulge in artful appetizers, seasonally themed pies, and spirited beverages.
  • This versatile LeDroit Park restaurant has flourished as a neighborhood gathering place at all hours of the day, from breakfast to those between-lunch-and-dinner hours. The menu has a Latin American slant, with stellar arepas and interesting takes on everything from avocado to breakfast sandwiches. There’s lots of vegetarian options, too.
  • Iron Gate. One of the most romantic restaurants in the city, Neighborhood Restaurant Group’s Mediterranean-themed restaurant features cooking from Vermilion alum Anthony Chittum. There are tasting menus, family-style meals, and a la carte options at the restaurant. All are complemented by seasonally inspired cocktails, and abundant Greek and Italian wines.
  • Zaytinya. This Jose Andres restaurant may be even more popular than his flagship Jaleo. It’s hard to go wrong with the ever-changing menu of Mediterranean dishes. The buzzy restaurant has delicious vegetables, flatbreads and seafood dishes, and celebrates various festivals throughout the year, including Greek Easter.
  • Rasika. This is not just one of the most popular Indian restaurants in DC — it’s also, quite plainly, one of the most popular restaurants in D.C., period. Chef Vikram Sunderam (formerly of London’s Bombay Brasserie) mans the kitchen at the Penn Quarter restaurant, where he takes a modern look at traditional Indian fare with favorites like the crispy palak chaat, flavorful curries, and more.
  • Timber Pizza Company. This one-time food truck has flourished as a brick-and-mortar, putting its wood-burning oven to work spinning out not just beautifully scorched pies — herb-packed pesto, feta, and kale anchor the healthful-sounding Green Monster; honey, chorizo, and peppers fuel the crowd-pleasing Bentley — but now also brunch-friendly bagels, pastries, and biscuits. Add in a commitment to locally sourced ingredients, a surprisingly diverse canned drink selection (think: craft brews, imports, session beers, ciders, and mead), and the real community vibe it’s fostered in Petworth, and Timber seems unlikely to fall any time.