Where to Find Meeting Rooms in Washington D.C.

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Thousands of businesses, corporations, and companies are deciding to hold meetings, events and client introductions within a hired meeting room. Workspace rentals are becoming all the more common, as businesses streamline their processes, downsize their premises, and still look to expand their customer base.

In a digital age, there’s now no longer any need to lease or buy buildings with extensive office spaces. While you still wish to expand your market share and interact with your current and future clients, you don’t need to dedicate a particular area in your business premises to do so. Not when there are thousands of meeting rooms in Washington just waiting to be hired by the hour, or by the day.

The same can be said for workplace meetings and gatherings. While traditionally, all staff members filed into a spacious, often unused room within your building, managers are now seeing no need to keep such a place available. Downsize your premises, remove those “empty spaces” and opt to hire a meeting room as required. By doing so, you can save money on the lease, rates, and even your electric bill. It’s also always a nice change for your staff to get away from the office to a new and innovative building for a day of brainstorming and team building.

When you’re looking for meeting rooms in Washington, however, not just any central space will do. As each business or corporation has different requirements, you have to find one that suits your exact needs, rather than only the cheapest, or the closest to the people who are needing to use it.

Seeing the need for such versatility, many website creators set about creating platforms that enable business owners and managers to choose a room with ease. Running along similar lines to hotels and motels, you can view pictures, find out the features of each room, and see whether the price per hour or day is suitable for your requirements.

If you’re not yet in tune with the many platforms for meeting room hire in Washington DC, we’ve compiled a list of the top meeting room hire websites in Washington – and the United States – that are sure to help you find the best meeting room you require.


Breather is a popular platform for those in Washington DC looking to train staff, hold staff meetings, meet with clients or hold seminars. There is a myriad of options available, ranging from no minimum stay requirements to all-day pricing on a range of meeting rooms. Not only will your staff or clients appreciate the luxury on offer in many of these locations, but the range of features such as whiteboards, TVs, air conditioning, kitchens, bathrooms, WiFi and complete conference setups are sure to appeal as well. Such a location not only proves refreshing, but it also enables you to focus on the task at hand, rather than installing the same features into your own place of work.

Breather also offers meeting room hirers to rate and review rooms they have previously used to help those looking to hire them in future. If you like a room, evaluate it and explain why, and then you can benefit from the same advice in another room. By doing so, you can benefit from first-hand opinions rather than just what has been shown in photos.

While Breather offers meeting rooms of varying styles and sizes in Washington DC, they also have offices across the States, giving you the option to continue using them, no matter where your work requirements may take you.


Cvent differs from Breather greatly in the respect that you aren’t able to choose your room based on price. You must instead request a quote. It’s laid out relatively similarly; however, it also has a broader focus on hotels and motels with meeting spaces available, rather than just the meeting rooms themselves.

You can browse through different photos, find out the venue type (such as a luxury hotel), the city, how many sleeping and meeting rooms, as well as the meeting space footprint. All of this information can come in handy when it comes time to make your decision. However, the pricing also plays a crucial part, and if Cvent were to make this information public, they might see an influx of people looking to hire their rooms.

Unique Venues

Unique Venues runs along similar lines to Cvent, in the respect that it also doesn’t show prices. Instead, you have to request a quote. While the likes of Breather also cater to smaller groups, Unique Venues can provide residence for to 2,500 people and maybe even more. Having this website on hand when you’re organizing a work charity dinner or something similar could be beneficial.

You can view photos, find out the minimum and maximum headcount requirements, as well as get to grips with the quantity of meeting rooms on offer.

Meetings Booker

If you don’t want to browse through several ineligible meeting spaces to find the perfect one, Meetings Booker is an excellent platform to visit. It enables you to list the number of people attending, the location, the time and date, as well as whether you’ll need accommodation. From here, it narrows down the results until you find a meeting room in Washington DC that perfectly matches your requirements.

Once again, the price has to be arranged by contacting the website, but if only a few rooms meet your requirements, getting a price to make a comparison between all three won’t be too much to manage.

If you’re arranging a meeting in Washington DC, try your luck on any of the meeting room rental platforms above. Each are proven to be helpful for business owners and managers looking to organize an event or meeting to remember.